AM Wellbeing CIC will provide be a range of different training opportunities to suit the needs of your business, community group or school. These are continuously changing and adapting. Some examples of training we provide are as follows:

Scottish Mental Health First Aid Course – Adults:

This course is typically run over two days although it can be divided into as many as six two hours session. The course was NHS developed and accredited. The course trains individuals to provide first aid for mental health. (For more information visit (www.smhfa.com)

Solihull Training Two Day Foundation & Whole School Approach:

This course provides professionals working with children an understanding of brain development and attachment. This course has been vigorously evaluated and well recognised as a quality theory/ approach to providing services to children and families. The Two day foundation course is aimed at any practitioners working with pre-5 children. The course is run over two full non-consecutive days. The whole school approach is aimed at all school staff and consist of one full day training and a two hour follow up at least two weeks after. (www.solihullparenting.com)

Bespoke Training:

We provide training to meet the needs of schools, business and communities.A.M Wellbeing provides a range of bespoke issue-based training for teachers, parents, groups and professionals these range from understanding child protection, stress, anxiety, bullying, social media/ internet safety. These courses will be developed specifically for each client. Based around the experience of the trainer.

Consultancy Work:

We provide consultancy work to schools, businesses and community groups on how to enhance their well being approaches. We provide a range of consultancy work and services on site and remotely through video conferencing and emails. Highly, trained staff would discuss and advise a range of strategies that may be implemented. Our skilled staff will assess the needs of your organisational approach to mental health and well being. Proving analysis and advice on policy changes and training needs to help ensure a mentally healthy workplace. A.M wellbeing consultancy would allow organisations to further plan and will signpost you to further assistance and help in the future.


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