AM Wellbeing CIC provides range of mindfulness service we will offer to schools, business and communities depending on their requirements and needs.

Youth Mindfulness:

The Youth mindfulness programme is designed to be delivered over 16 one-hour sessions, ideally over 8 weeks. The programme allows children to learn about mindfulness and develop their practice at a young age.

Bespoke Group work/ Classwork:

Bespoke group work and classwork activities can be developed using mindfulness approaches. These would be on a shorter-term basis.

One to one session:

Providing one to one sessions for both children and adults. These can be delivered in person or via online resources. A.M Wellbeing will provide practices and exercises to help the person develop their mindfulness skills through a range of meditation and breathing exercise.

Zen Mindfulness Groups:

8 Week mindfulness group, each session lasting around 2 hours. These group follow Zenways teaching and are based on the Japanese culture of Zen (www.zenways.org).

Retreats/Mindfulness Days:

A bespoke retreat day lasting from 3.5 hours to 3 days. They will combine a variety of different meditations and mindfulness. The retreats may require overnight stay and will always include minimum of lunch.


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