AM Wellbeing CIC provide a wide range of supports for Education. They specialise in working within schools offering services such as

Group work/ Class based interventions:

Providing a range of group work from bespoke tailored group work designed by A.M Wellbeing to specific work such as seasons for growth, a group designed to help children cope with changed developed by the Notre Dame Centre. A.M Wellbeing can provide a range of different issue-based work such as transition, friendship groups and understanding others. These inventions are specific to our work with schools and community groups. They will be age/stage specific and can reflect the needs of the group exploring specific issues around mental health. They can be part of a school’s package, arranged as a one-off input or a series of workshops over an agreed time.

Schools Package:

Working within schools to create a more holistic mental health and well being approach. The school package would provide the school a regular AM Wellbeing staff member for a select period from 8 weeks to a school year. The individual will work within the school providing a range of supports including: Classwork based around mental health, mindfulness session, child/ parent/ teacher support around issues and training. The school would receive reports on the work completed. We can also provide long term sustainability plans for the school to improve/ develop their well being approaches further through our consultancy work.

This offers a whole package to customers which can be tailored to their needs. This will provide schools the tools and confidence they need to move forward in their mental health and well being approaches.

Taster Sessions/ Team building & Well being Day Packages:

Our team building packages can vary from 1 to 7 hours depending on the needs of the day. This will combine a variety of different techniques to meet the client’s needs including mindfulness and well being approaches. We provide support and information around reducing work related stress and the importance of self-care.

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